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If you are searching for an excavating company in Creuse, Creuse Multi-services can meet your needs.

We have a rigid backhoe loader. Using this equipment, we can help you to carry out your excavating projects in Creuse :

tracto-pelle et bâtiment bardage bois
terrassement en Creuse - décaissement chemin
  • Driveways and networks in private property
    • buried networks
    • excavation and filling of driveways and alleys
  • excavations for foundations and slabs
  • landscaping
    • cleaning
    • levelling
    • clearing of trees (in limited quantity)
  • installation of buried rainwater recovery tanks

For our excavating service in Creuse, we intervene in the following villages :

      • Arrênes
      • Aulon
      • Bénévent l’abbaye
      • Bersac sur Rivalier
      • Ceyroux
      • Chamborand
      • Châtelus le Marcheix
      • Folles
      • Fursac
      • Jabreilles les Bordes
      • Laurière
      • Grand-bourg
      • Les Billanges
      • Marsac
      • Montaigut le blanc
      • Mourioux-Vieilleville
      • St Dizier Leyrenne
      • St Goussaud
      • St Pierre-Chérignat
      • St Priest la Feuille
      • St Priest la Plaine

Qualified also in the field of general electricity, we can also offer you our services for the installation of your electricity networks.

Examples of our achievements

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